Organize and share

Create albums, upload photos and invite others to share end-to-end encrypted photos. You receive notifications when albums change or when you are invited to a new one.

Your storage, your data

Pixus uses a decentralized storage engine, Blockstack Gaia, that allows you to decide where your encrypted data is stored. Blockstack Gaia comes with 10GB of storage free of charge.

End-to-end encryption

Pixus encrypts photos before they leave your device. For collaborative albums, a key is used that is only known to the participants of that album.

High performance

Efficient virtualization and concurrency mechanisms are employed to ensure a high performance. Pixus can handle libraries with thousands of photos.

AI. On your machine.

coming soonPixus uses AI to make your photos explorable through smart albums and a powerful search engine. All entirely on your device.

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